The famous figures you didn’t know were teachers first!

Hollywood heavyweights are known for stretching their powers and dabbling in a fair few industries. Why have just one career when you can have several, eh?

Just some of the well-known multi-taskers of today include singer-designer-businesswoman Victoria Beckham, actress-businesswoman Jessica Alba and Professional wrestler-actor and businessman Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to name a few.

Perhaps more surprising is the unexpected crossover between fame and teaching. Almost every one of us has a hidden talent – whether we know it or not – and for some of those big blockbuster names out there, ruling a classroom appears to be one of them!

So let’s have a look at just a few of those famous names we didn’t realise have moonlighted as teachers…  

Hugh Jackman

The Australian actor is not only known for his wolverine spikes and ever-ripped abs but in 1987, he was a boy’s physical education teacher at Uppingham School, England.

George Orwell

English novelist Eric Arthur Blair – famously known as George Orwell – spent many years teaching at  Frays College in Uxbridge, West London as well as all-boys school The Hawthorns High School in West London. 


Barack Obama


Obama worked as a lecturer teaching constitutional law at The University of Chicago after graduating from Harvard Law School himself. During his twelve years as a professor, he was offered a tenure-track position several times but declined.


Mr. T

Known for his big bling and even bigger personality, in 1970 Chicago, Mr. T worked between two very different jobs, one as a bouncer and the other as a gym teacher before making his big break on screen.

Gene Simmons

The KISS musician taught sixth grade in elementary school Spanish Harlem after graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Jon Hamm

Prior to becoming a household name for his slick looks in Mad Men, Jon Hamm taught at John Burroughs School in Missouri, teaching drama to the likes of Ellie Kemper. After teaching for two years, Hamm moved to L.A to pursue a career in acting.


Sheryl Crow

Before coming a household name for her melodic voice and hit “All I Wanna Do”, Sheryl worked as a music teacher at Kellison Elementary School in Fenton, Missouri.




Attending the Northern Counties Teacher’s Training College from 1971-1974, Gordon Sumner – before he became Sting – taught English at St. Paul’s Middle School in Cramlington, England.


Sir William Golding

British novelist William Golding decided to pursue the family tradition of becoming a teacher after his graduation from Oxford University. Now known for his best-selling novel, Lord of the flies, Golding taught philosophy and English at Bishop Wordsworth’s School in Salisbury.

Stephen King

Whilst starting out his dreams of writing and becoming an author, Stephen King taught English at Hampden Academy in Maine. After two years, King went on to write one of his best-selling novels called Carrie.

Maya Angelou

Famous for her writing, dancing, singing, poetry to name a few, Angelou was granted the Reynolds Professorship of American Studies at Wake Forest University, North Carolina. With her last taught course in 2011, Angelou taught a plethora of subjects from theology, philosophy through to creative writing.




Whilst writing the very first Harry Potter book that would later change her life, J.K.Rowling worked at a language institute in Portugal 1991, teaching English as a foreign language in the evenings.


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