Making the move in education

So that’s it, I’m moving from my Head of Sixth Form role, where I’ve enjoyed 4 years to be more curriculum based as Head of Humanities, moving from pastoral to curriculum.

I’ve been through the whole process of deciding what to do, contacting Opogo Education, applying for jobs and now that’s it, I’m making the big move. But, now what?

I have a reasonably big office which I share with my Heads of Year and it is full of stuff, lots of stuff. I now need to clear this in between end of year marking, reports, concerts, leaving parties, charity walks, trips and other summer term fun and activities, so here are some tips on how you can make a smooth transition.

1. Get some boxes

I’ve been into my local supermarket and asked the manager for any boxes they may have lying around. They need to fit A4 files, box files, books, stationary, russian dolls in the shape of the leaders from Lenin to Putin and my lego Parliament/congress models. Being a dusty old history teacher I have tonne of books – in actual fact they might even be heavier than that!

These boxes better be made of harder stuff! After a quick trip to B&Q, I now have enough duct tape to ensure these boxes can hold an elephant. I can’t put it off any longer; it’s time to get packing.

2. Back up all your work on an external Hard Drive

To help with storage it’s great to have everything electronically. Choosing the right hard drive is tricky, I have gone for 500mb which seems to be plenty enough space for my files and a few others on the shared area, although you may want to go for 1TB to make sure.

Remember however, to ask for permission before copying somebody else’s work!

3. Purge

Teachers are terrible hoarders, I have a lot of paper, which has four years worth of notes, reports, data analysis etc. All very important at the time I am sure, but now not so much. Get yourself in front of the shredder and get rid of it.

A simple rule of thumb is if you have not used something or even looked at it you probably don’t need it at your new place. If you do need it or think you may, go paperless, scan it and add to your hard drive.

4. Assemble a Day-One Survival Kit

This is the first box you’ll open when you arrive at your new school. Stock it with scissors, stapler, paper clips, pens and paper, and other essentials. Clear your mind and make sure you can visualise exactly what you are walking into. The nature of teaching is you go from 0-100mph very quickly, so it is essential to ensure you are ready.

5. Take a picture

Remember that wonderful display you spent hours putting together? If you think it might be useful to recreate it in your new place, take a photo and then bingo you have a quick reference point!

So that’s it, all you have left is your leaving speech; good luck with that one!.


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