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Online learning has seen a huge uptake since the start of lockdown measures being introduced in March and in a rapidly changing world, Opogo’s online courses can serve different needs and give you that edge that schools of today’s current climate are looking for. Opogo, alongside a number of leading education experts, has curated a series of pre-recorded video courses.

In line with the Opogo value of supporting the education sector, we have launched a total of 32 timeless courses and a collection of 88 lessons that you can leverage during these times of change and shifting priorities. They are all FREE and can be accessed at your leisure. Our courses fit into the following categories:

• Classroom management – 1 course with 4 lessons
• Classroom success – 3 courses with 18 lessons
• Leadership – 2 courses with 2 lessons
• Safeguarding – 2 courses with 6 lessons
• SEND – 1 course with 11 lessons
• Teacher development – 6 courses with 19 lessons
• Wellbeing – 7 courses with 28 lessons

Did you know that the number of pupils with SEND increased to 1.32 million pupils in 2019? From 2010, there was a declining trend, but the increases have come over the past 2 years. Given the increasing prevalence of SEND learners, it’s imperative that educators understand and respond to student’s individual learning needs accordingly.

View the SEND courses, where we have a total of 22 short but punchy lessons that take the learner through understanding everything from the inclusion of SEND children, seating plans through to talking to parents and carers. Bernie Callanan is the SEND lead for Opogo and is passionate about ensuring that SEND children have the best possible chance in life.

Another interesting statistic comes from the National Literacy Trust, which says that children and young people’s daily reading levels are the lowest they have ever recorded. With just 25.8% of children saying they read daily in their free time. Opogo’s online courses offer new ways and strategies to help young children become expert readers by doing 4 quick courses with Jasmin Choudhury.

Ross Morrison McGill, another Opogo Community expert, presents two lessons focussing on ‘Effective Professional Development’ and how to improve your wellbeing by managing your workload.

Tips and nuggets on how to show leadership is presented by the ever-popular, Diana Osagie, who has 2 dynamic lessons on how to ‘Lead Change in the Face of Resistance’ and ‘7 Key Steps of Courageous Leadership’.

Foremost for any school is safeguarding children and here at Opogo we have 6 crucial lessons by two leading experts in this space, Astrid Schon and Ray Douglas. Everything you need to know from how to handle a child making a sensitive disclosure through to tackling school-aged violence can be acquired by simply pressing a play button.

Courses on classroom management, acquiring essential skills for classroom success and career progression tips can also be delved into at, the Opogo Community platform.

Our courses have been designed to further learning and career development within the education sector through quick, easy to access video content at no extra cost. Bringing these courses to you, the educators align with Opogo’s purpose to serve and support the education sector

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